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Harvest Group was founded on our vision to create a unique tax incentive negotiation firm that delivers exceptional results for our clients, with unyielding integrity. Our mission is simple, yet powerful.
To maximize economic development incentive value for our clients through the integration and implementation of our incentive “Best Practices.”
Since 2002, Harvest Group has witnessed Fortune 1000, 500 and 100 companies (and other firms) struggle with managing incentive opportunities for a variety of reasons including the Need for Enhanced Processes, Limited Resources, Limited Deal History Experience, and a Fragmented Incentive Compliance Process. From this vantage point, we have created a comprehensive set of incentive “Best Practices” that maximize our client’s incentive opportunities.

Wes Bowen

Co-Founder / Sr. Partner

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With a degree in accounting and a Juris Doctor in law, Wes' professional versatility makes him a valued counselor to a diverse range of clients, and a strategic force for Harvest Group. Moreover, his reputation for business ethics, nurturing client relationships and for producing exceptional results is beyond reproach. Wes' easy-going demeanor, hands-on approach and his problem-solving skills, combined with his extensive experience and knowledge, serves his clients exceedingly well. Prior to co-founding Harvest Group, Wes served in a management capacity for Ernst & Young and Aurthur Andersen.

You know that you're in good hands with Wes when a big part of his ministry in life is to serve others. In addition to leading the Harvest Group, Wes serves the community through Board positions with multiple, not-for-profit organizations. In his church, he serves as an elected deacon, travels extensively for mission work, and provides leadership in strategic and long-range planning. His leadership will result in a greater yield on your investment.

Rudy Watkins

Co-Founder / Sr. Partner

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Rudy Watkins' reputation for being a leader grows from his ability to listen, leverage his experience, to shoot straight and from his fierce commitment to client service. The exceptional results that Harvest Group achieves for our clients are rooted in Rudy's unparalleled project management style and his innate ability to work towards the big picture while being a stickler for details. With over 20 years of industry experience, Rudy has served as a consultant with Ernst & Young and as a Senior Vice President for Pitney Bowes prior to co-founding the Harvest Group in 2002.

In addition to being admired as an astute manager, businessman and mentor throughout his career, Rudy has also been an exemplary role model as a father of three (and grandfather to two!), as a community leader and as a youth sports coach. He understands the true value of teamwork always leading by example - thus can help lead your company to harvesting its true potential.

Harvest Overview

Our Approach

As Senior Partners, Wes Bowen and Rudy Watkins are able to personally negotiate every project due to the efficiency of our experienced support staff. Each project is completed with the understanding of the unique culture of every jurisdiction and how that culture relates back to our clients’ true needs and desires.
Over the years, we have witnessed every conceivable strategy for managing incentives. From these experiences, Harvest has created the Enterprise Incentive Strategy (EIS) which represents the “Best Practice” methodology for maximizing incentives in large organizations. The company’s strategic initiative/capital investment budget serves as the foundation for EIS.
Our proven best practice approach focuses on:
  • Identification of the potential incentive generating activities that arose from the annual capital budget
  • Prioritization of the projects once they were identified by EIS
  • Importance of the Economic Development Story
  • Applying Harvest’s proven 9 Step Incentive Project Process
  • Significance of the Harvest Collaboration Model
To Learn more about our overall approach, please view the following short video.

Our Services


Our sound approach and unique EIS strategy is what defines Harvest Group. We deploy specific services during the management and negotiation of our clients' incentives to enhance the opportunities.


Opportunities that demand incentive services often benefit from Harvest Group’s strategic Site Selection Services.
Where should we go? Who do we contact? Is it a good business environment? Is there an available and affordable labor pool? Does the existing infrastructure (road, air, rail, power, water, etc.) match our needs? These are all critical issues related to site selection.
A poor decision greatly diminishes the opportunity for success. Harvest Group has the experience, proven site selection methodology to select a site that will serve as the foundation for a successful project.


Harvest Group service continues long after an incentive "offer" is accepted. Our service continues through the continuum of incentive agreements and compliance process for the life of each benefit.
To learn more about our services and what makes us the best at what we do, please contact Rudy Watkins at rudy@harvestgroupllc.com.

Case Studies

Harvest Group is proud to partner with many Fortune 500 Companies.
Harvest Group’s track record of providing an extremely high degree of individual attention and caliber of work for our clients is a source of pride—and results in achieving the highest returns on our clients’ investments. For that reason, we are exceedingly judicial when it comes to whom we represent.
Since 2002, Harvest Group has worked with some of the most respected companies in America in over 40 states and more than 8 different countries. On average, we annually analyze/negotiate globally on projects totally over $10B+ with new jobs from 0-2,000.
Take a moment to review the Case Studies and Clients sections to discover more specifically the types of exceptional results that we consistently achieve for a diverse range of major corporations and industries.
If The Shoe Fits, Run With It
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It started when Harvest Group was called upon to handle a fairly routine tax project for an international shoe client. Along the way we discovered they had earmarked tens of millions of dollars to upgrade their national distribution center, but did not have any incentives in focus. After further investigation, we unearthed a potential expansion opportunity from this capital spend. We then conducted a local economic impact study, shared our findings with our client and presented the economic benefit to the local government. One vital component that we were able to include in our package required a commitment from the highest levels of government and had been previously awarded only four times in the past 40 years. 

Teaming up with top executives from our client, we pitched our proposal to the Mayor and representatives from the Governor's office. We were able to secure a verbal agreement on the spot, followed by a written offer from the State that provided our client with an incentive package that was equal to 75% of their proposed capital spend. 

It turned out to be a quick resolution that maximized our client's profits and a win-win solution for all parties and the surrounding community.

Thought for Food
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Our client, a multi-national manufacturer, was planning a $120M expansion of one of their food processing facilities and had already negotiated a tentative incentive package of $7M from the State and local governments. Harvest Group was called in to assess the package and follow through on the negotiations going forward. From our experience, we understand that without an in depth knowledge of the State's strategy and program options, many clients merely accept a seemingly good offer only to have a great offer slip through their grasp. Because harvesting that type of information is what we do very well, we knew that the State developed an incentive process in which they have great flexibility in what they offer various companies. For each tax, there are multiple programs that the State can offer as an incentive. Sometimes, the State offers the less valuable programs for each tax. 

Within 45 days, we renegotiated with the State, identified the correct programs for the State to offer, and a new package for $28M was agreed upon. With the value of the new offer 400% greater than what was achieved without Harvest Group, everyone left feeling very satisfied.

Driving A Better Value
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One of the world's largest automotive parts manufacturers initially asked the Harvest Group to review a routine tax project for one of their facilities in the Mid-South region of the United States. After some digging, we found an additional $2M that they had missed. Instead of standing idle, we asked if they had any capital investment projects on the horizon. They informed us that they had just negotiated a major expansion of their facility in another State. We reviewed the incentive package from the State and identified two programs that had not been offered. Working closely with the State on those programs, we were able to increase and maximize the value of the incentive package to our client by over $20M. 

It's just another example of how Harvest Group drives a better value when it comes to maximizing the return on investments for our clients.

Hitting the gound running.
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When Harvest Group got the call, the message was loud and clear, “we need it yesterday.” A major equipment manufacturer needed to fast track a project within 12-months—from site search, incentive negotiation and final site selection to construction completion, and occupancy and equipment installation within 12 months – and Harvest Group stepped up to the plate.

At stake: a $200m capital investment to build a global products facility, and bringing over 1400 manufacturing jobs to the US from Asia, with the potential to deliver a staggering economic impact. With the clock ticking, we had to quickly find the right location that met stringent requirements for global logistics and plant operation, and analyze investment profiles and the economic landscape from several potential state and local locations. We created an economic development story that projected out 10 years with an economic impact of nearly 2.5 billion dollars annually. As a result, we helped pave the road to a successful incentive negotiation by securing an incentive package that yielded the return of a significant portion of the original investment spend..

For additional information on how we work with our clients, please read this article from the Tax Executives Institute.

"I'd be hard pressed to think of another firm that is as knowledgeable, is as pleasurable to work with and delivers the kind of results as Harvest Group."
— Sue Zemba, Alcoa, Inc.
It has been a distinct pleasure and an honor to do business with you and your group. We were fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with you and benefit from the value your group and expertise can bring a company like ours. Most importantly we are grateful for the integrity with which you conduct your business.

Industry Experience

Harvest Group has worked with some of the most respected companies in the world. We realize the importance of each companies’ brand and are diligent about upholding their reputation in the communities they serve by helping strengthen governmental relationships during the site selection and incentive negotiation process. On average, our team completes and analyzes/negotiates globally on projects totaling over $10B+ per year with new jobs from 0-2,000.

The Company We Keep


We'd love to discuss how we can help maximize the yield on your investment through Economic Development incentives.

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